Is Divorce The Answer?

Every marriage has its ups and downs, right?


So how do you know when you've crossed that invisible line, when you've reached the point of no return, when your relationship is truly beyond repair?

My FREE course, Is Divorce The Answer will help you make this life-changing decision so you can be sure you don't make the wrong choice, so you can be sure it won't be a decision you'll regret.



    Is Divorce The Answer addresses the most common concerns about ending a marriage and will provide you with alternative perspectives and worksheets for you to really understand and assess your personal situation. And yes, it's completely free.

    “It was a miracle that I found Mandy Walker. I was searching for some type of guidance during the difficult time of contemplating divorce and the only thing out there was the same type of articles. I needed something more interactive. Somehow Mandy has covered every area of concern in her videos and the videos are like having a real person guiding you through. Mandy's program has made a very difficult process a great deal easier to get through.”

    ~ Aimee

    A Course For Everyone!

    It doesn't matter how long (or short) your marriage, whether or not you have children, this course is designed to help you identify your obstacles and resistance to ending your marriage. Even if it's your spouse who's talking about divorce, this course will still help you identify your key concerns.

    A Course Based On Experience

    The topics covered in this course are based on the most common fears expressed by the hundreds of people I've talked with about divorce. More than that, the steps to guide you through your fears, are based on what has worked for others. This isn't a theoretical approach. This is about what has worked for other people who have been exactly where you are, right now. 

    A Word From The Creator

    “I believe in marriage however I don't believe it should be an endurance test. I don't believe it's selfish to want to be happy however I do believe that the decision to end a marriage is one that cannot be made quickly or lightly. It's a life-changing decision. My goal is to help people make the decision that is right for them and so they won't regret their decision later. This free course is a great place to start.”